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8 Ways to Make Money as a Developer | 8 Ways to Make Money as a Developer – I share 8 ways I’ve made money as a developer, and how you can do it too – even if you’re a beginner.

There are many different ways you could be making an income as a developer – some are obvious, and some not so much….

Here are eight that I figured out and personally tried, so you can decide which one is the best for you, and go for it:

#1 – Developer job. This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but if you get a job as a software developer it’s an immediate way to secure a regular income.

#2 – Freelancing. The second way to make money as a developer is local freelancing – using a resource like to meet potential clients who you can build in-person relationships with as they grow to know, like and trust you.

#3 – Remote Freelancing. Online freelancing platforms like are third. There are projects to fit all skill levels, you just need need an eye for the right job to fit yours. You’ve got to know your level, then UpWork can be a great source of income.

#4 – Coding Tutor: Tutoring was a huge source of income to me on my coding journey – even before I began freelancing, and one that most people don’t even talk about. Even as a beginner with just a few months experience, you’re going to relate really well with students who have zero experience. You could be charging $35-50/hour, even up to $75/hour if you have decent social and communication skills and real empathy and a drive to help your students succeed.

#5 – Tutoring Platforms.The first platform to checkout for potential students is , and there’s also Note – I’m not affiliated with any of these sites, they are just great resources that I, and my friends, have used successfully in the past.

#6 – Freelance Outside U.S. If you’re based outside the US, a good tutoring resource I’ve come across is Wyzant and both seem to be predominantly US based, but if you live outside the US then head to Google and see if you can find other tutoring platforms specific to your country.

#7 – Six-figure Code Mentor. For those with a decent amount of experience in coding – especially if you’re advanced – Codementor is an amazing platform. What I love about Code Mentor is that the clients are really awesome, highly skilled people. You won’t find yourself working with beginners, teaching kids etc…. like you might on the other platforms… and you can probably be making the most amount of money when it comes to tutoring as an income source.

There are a lot of developers I know who are making six-figures on Code Mentor, absolutely killing it, and have a great lifestyle.

#8 – Content Creator. Last up … this one’s a bonus…. YouTube. Every developer under the sun seems to be doing something with YouTube, but the point is… they all figured out that it’s possible to make it work. Become a developer and make great videos. If you find yourself getting a LOT of views you could make a decent amount of income from YouTube ad revenue alone, but on top of that you see developers like me who create and sell courses, which you can head to their websites and buy. Point is, this has been tried and tested and everybody has a shot at making it work.

So that’s it.

EIGHT ways that you could make money as a developer as we head into 2020 – even if you’re a beginner.

No excuses.

Now, hit the comments and let me know which one are YOU going to try first?.

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