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7 illegal Ways to make Fast Money | Do not try this | 7 illegal Ways to make Fast Money | Do not try this

Warning: This is not information that should be used to make money. This is real life, not GTA, and these ways to make money illegally can easily give you 100k every month, and also 30 years in prison.

Now in this video I’m going to break down 7 illegal ways to make fast money, and I guarantee you know someone already doing this. Because it’s pretty normal, illegal, but not normal. I’m going to break down the pros and cons.

Do not try this. Honestly I’m serious. There are a ton of ways to make money legally, and you don’t need to risk your life to make money like this.

7 illegal things people do to make fast money | Do not try this

1. Tax evasion: Not paying taxes on what you truly made ( a lot of ways to do this legally by the way)
– Pro is you pay less taxes by saying you underperformed this year, a lot of cash business do this because it’s very hard for the ira to track their earnings
– Con: Saying you don’t make a lot of money means you can pocket more money, however banks only lend based on what you report. ( very hard to get qualified for them you should be qualified for) example real estate
Then you also have: You get a felony, prison time of no less than 5 years, fine no more than 250k individual and corporation 500k, plus the cost prosecution
Tip: Now if you made a mistake, then that’s different is more like negligence

-2. ATM Fraud: Atm reimbursement, they get a bunch of people to use the atm and set a high sub charge and get money every day from it ( This also the fake card reader that steal your info, however that another video for another day)
– Pro: fast money and no cost to the person doing, only a high cost to the corporation ( However most customers have no idea about this stuff, so its just a part of doing business
-Cons: If the business checks that you are just depositing and taking out the same amount that looks very similar to money laundering, and they could contact the FBI and you would have some explaining to do

-3. Money Laundering: This is cleaning dirty money and turning it into clean money.
Example: Guy X has a business that’s off the books, and he doesn’t report taxes because he can’t, its an illegal business. Now guy Y has a real legitimate business and say okay I’ll flow the dirty through my business and report fake sales or fake order. Very easy for cash business to do btw.
– Pro: You get clean money and can actually spend it
– Con: First-time Misteminer 1 year in prison, Repeat offender part of the criminal organisation well the get around 35 years or more
Fact: Around 1.5 trillion dollars are money laundered every year

-4. Buying and Reselling Icloud and stolen Phones
Facts: There are groups dedicated to tricking people to hand over their icloud pass to then unlock and resell
– Websites to check if it’s been reported, an entire market is out there
– They go to the apple store with fake receipts and say they forgot the password
Pro: You can get 1000 dollar phone for 100-300 bucks and take the parts, you can trick the owner into giving you the pass
Con: If it’s been reported stolen and you get caught you’ll face jail time, and also record on your criminal report
-5. Identity theft ( I’ve seen this happened live and have also gone through it
Companies get Hac** and then boom
Someone takes your card in the back to swipe it and takes pics
Using a fake atm
Dark web
Pro: You get someone info, their social, and make and id, you can literally go to places and using credit cards and buy stuff under their name. Take loans, open lines at phone companies
Con: First time 1-year misdemeanour and again and it up to 7 years in prison and felony.
Tip: A lot of these people justify what they do by saying well they are covered from theft, so no one ends up getting hurt.

6. Tax Fraud another form: Claiming Dependent when you knowingly know it’s not true
Pro – you get a 3k credit which is = to free money in a sense
Con – 20% increase on what you owe them, 3 years of prison time, and fines up to 250k
Fact: A lot of family members do this because of certain reason I won’t go into, its something very common, however still very illegal.

7. Trying any of these illegal things I just told you
Pro: you might get away with it
Con: if you get caught it won’t be worth the punishment




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