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5 Best Video Editor for Android


5 Best Video Editor for Android

Qataku. Com5 Best Video Editor for Android. The Android operating system is being used by millions of people all around the world as it grows in popularity in an increasingly tech-savvy environment. As video tutorials and other content-related videos became popular, it also gave birth to the concept of content creation. Android is a significant operating system in the mobile and desktop sectors, and it has become an integral component of the life of content creators. In this article, we offer the best free video editor for Android, which has a plethora of features. We also respond to some consumer inquiries about video editing on Android.

 Video editors are often used by people who are not good at editing videos. Therefore, the basic feature that makes a good video editor is its intuitiveness. A free video editor that offers as many features as a good professional one would definitely be preferred, especially if the video editor also offers good effects and transitions. Here, we recommend the following video editors that can be useful when editing videos on Android. 

 5 Best Free Android Editing Apps 2022 :

  •  Funimate Video Editor 
  •  Inshot 
  •  Videoshow 
  •  Quik 
  •  Kinemaster 

 1.Funimate Video Editor 

 This is one of the best free video editing apps for Android because it makes the best music videos, especially for those who want to post their video to video sharing app like TikTok or some other local video sharing app. This is the application used by 40 million people to create TikTok videos. This is an app that has been used many times to edit fan  videos and lip sync videos. 


 The app offers some of the coolest and most modern  features that make the content  very popular especially among young people. They provide text, emoji, and other filters that can create brilliant and creative  videos. Users don’t need to be experts to create creative videos in this app. It is an  extremely beginner-friendly application and also allows you to create your own effects. 


 Many effects 

 Can create your own effects 

 Music features 

 Emojis and stickers 

 Editing and cropping 

 2 Inshot 

 Inshot is one of the most popular  when it comes to the Android platform and the reason  is its simplicity. Users can easily create amazing social media videos and videos for smaller video sharing platforms  by adding easy transitions and effects. Users can also edit  videos comfortably in an extremely basic interface. 

 They also have the option to add  stickers and emojis. Smooth interface  and  options to add music features are huge in this app. Undo and redo options are not available in the app and this is a vulnerability for this app. 


 Crop, crop and resize 

 Various image formats available 

 Available for export to all social networking platforms 

 Text filters can also  be added 

 Audio can also be added bar 

 3 Videoshow 

 Videoshow is one of the most popular apps in vlogs. This video montage is best suited for slideshows such as videos where music, videos and images can be easily added to make a fun and easy movie. There are also lots of youth features like effects, GIFs and  FX options. 

 User has the ability to create funny and interesting videos using different features provided by this app. This is a perfect free all-in-one video editor that can provide all the essential features  a beginner needs. 


 Easy and convenient to use  

 No watermark 

 Can be used by professionals too 

 All editing functions available 

 Music available  

 4 Quik 

 Quik is a Video editing works great when there are pictures, video  and audio tied together. This app makes great filters and transitions to make a video and then the result is a lot of fun to watch. The Quik app is known for making the perfect out of a professional camera because it picks the best photos and videos together. 

 The best part of this app is  that it saves users time  and makes videos fast. The ability to add text  with text filters makes it the perfect app for creating travel videos. 


 Multiple images can be added 

 Multiple themes available 

 Soundtrack options available 

 Various formats supported 

 Sharing options available 

 5  Kinemaster 

 This is one of the  apps most used on social media platforms like Instagram and  full  of features that enable its success. The app has different video mixing options, multiple layers and many more features like voiceover function and chroma key function. 


 This application can also help you to create videos with special effects, speed control and other transition effects. Users can also add subtitles to their videos and many other effects and transitions to make their videos look professional. However, users will have to use the paid version if they need to remove the Kinemaster watermark  from their videos. 

 Speed ​​control 

 Effects and themes 

 Multi-layer editing 


 Music and audio filters.

Reference : Wondershare

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