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4 VPN Alternatives that are SAFER and FREE (but…)

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Get Up to 82% Discount Today with PureVPN | 4 VPN Alternatives that are SAFER and FREE (but…) – Whether you don’t trust VPN companies with your data or you’re just too cheap to pay for a subscription, here are some excellent alternatives to VPNs that are often safe and, in most cases, free. You can also make your own VPN:

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🔹🔹🔹VPN Alternatives Mentioned🔹🔹🔹
▶ Download TOR:
▶ Try Brave Browser:
▶ Try Mysterium: (use code “AllThingsSecured” for a free bonus!)
▶ Try Sentinel:

🔹🔹🔹Other Videos Mentioned🔹🔹🔹
▶ How to Make a VPN:
▶ Tor vs VPN Explained:
▶ Apple Private Relay Explained:
▶ Decentralized VPNs Explained:

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Introduction to VPN Alternatives
0:30 – Why You STILL May need a VPN
1:30 – Mobile Hotspot as a VPN Alternative
2:36 – Use TOR or a TOR-like service
4:35 – Use a Decentralized VPN (dVPN)
5:27 – Build Your Own VPN Server

If you no longer trust VPN companies – and I completely understand why you wouldn’t – there are some VPN alternatives that are worth trying. They may not be as fast and some of them are slightly more difficult to set up, but thankfully almost all of these options are free. So basically, it’s like a free VPN, only better!

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