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10 Most Valuable Gemstones


[] 10 Most Valuable Gemstones -There have been many more expensive gemstones and  jewelry throughout history, many of which are still  valuable today. 

But what are the more expensive examples of some famous gemstones? This is what this article seeks to answer. Take a quick look at the list of the most expensive gems below, last updated in 2021. 

 10 Most Valuable Gemstones :



 Rubies are beautiful red gems with shades ranging from pink to deep red. Pigeon blood rubies are considered the most sought after for their deep red color, and some have fetched ridiculous prices for them at auctions.

 However, the most expensive Burmese ruby ​​of all time is the “Sunrise Ruby”, a 26 carat stone that sold for US $ 30 million at auction. The stone found in Myanmar is named after a poem of the same name by the 13th century poet Rumi. Ruby`s most recent discovery is the Mozambique ruby, which is also gaining popularity with investments around the world. 



 The Jade family is a beautiful variety of dazzling stones, but the most beautiful of  all is jadeite. 

 is considered  the purest and liveliest of the family and, therefore, the rarest. It can be found in a variety of colors, from red to yellow to black, with green being the most common. 

 Barbara Hutton Mdivani Necklace The imperial green  jade necklace with 27 round pearls is a legendary gemstone that has been a part of 

 Chinese folklore since ancient times, imperial jade, the most coveted stone since its existence. However, the most expensive piece of jewelery to date is a 27-pearl necklace that was auctioned in 2014. Cartier bought it for $27.44 million from royals like Princess Diana. 

However, one of the most precious and rare stones is the Blue Belle of Asia. This is part of a very short list that includes only three other names: sapphires over 350 carats. The Blue Belle of Asia is the fourth largest and weighs 392.52 carats. In third place is the Logan sapphire (422.99 carats), in second place is the Romanian queen sapphire (478.68 carats) and the largest sapphire in history is the Eastern Blue Giant weighing 486.52 carats. 

 The Blue Belle of Asia has a rich history, but was auctioned for $17.3 million in 2014. At this price, it is the most expensive sapphire and the most expensive colored gem sold at auction. 



 Emerald is considered to be one of the most popular stones in the world. They have attracted both men and women with their vibrant green and color and can be found in various locations around the world. Although the best examples come from Africa and South America. 

 It is  rare to find the perfect emerald. So finding a flawless stone means a hefty price tag. The Rockefeller Emerald is a clear example of this. John D. Rockefeller bought this stone for his wife 

 and when the couple died their son sold it for auction. The magnificent ring was auctioned for $5.5 million  and  purchased by Harry Winston 



 In October 1997, Christie`s in London held a special auction with the theme  “Important Indian Jewelery” in honor of its 50th anniversary. India’s independence anniversary. There is a strong focus on beautiful and luxurious traditional Indian designs that spark the imagination. More than 100 jewelery lots  were presented at the auction.

 The Mughal emperors ruled northern and central India for 332 years, but their treasures were looted and dissolved by the Persian ruler Nadir Shah in 1739. 

Very few necklaces have survived to this day. The specimen offered at auction consisted of 11 Spinel Gems pearls with a total weight of 877.23 carats. Three of the pearls engraved by hand. 

 They were engraved with the names of the most influential and famous Mughal emperors: Akbar, Jehangir and Shah Jahan. The necklace eventually sold for $ 1.4 million. 



 Paraíba Stone belongs to the tourmaline family and is considered one of the gems that breaks the paradigm that 

 diamond is the most expensive gem in the world. Paraiba outperforms diamonds in many ways. It is considered more beautiful, more in demand, and much rarer than diamonds, 

 while being extremely difficult to mine. 

 A good example from Paraíba can reach € 80,000, or around $ 87,000 per carat. That is much more than a diamond can accomplish. This is because there are only one or two Paraiba tourmalines for every 10,000 diamonds mined or mined from the wild. 


 Padparadscha (pronounced padpahrajah) Sapphire is the rarest sapphire in the world. This gem has a beautiful pink orange color which is a combination of shades of ruby ​​red and sapphire yellow. Its name comes from the Sanskrit/Sinhala word for “water lotus flower” because of its color. 

 Most of these stones are mined in Sri Lanka, but are also  found in Madagascar and Tanzania. However, the best are mostly found in Sri Lanka, as the ones from Madagascar are more pink in color, which makes them cheaper. 



 Alexandrite or alexandrite stone  is a type of gemstone that is rare and hard to find. What makes this stone so popular is its magical appearance. 

Depending on the light conditions, the stone appears to change color. It can also change color by turning it in the hand, this is known as pleocroic. In addition, it can change color regardless of how it is viewed under artificial light. It is turquoise in natural light, but turns reddish-purple under soft incandescent light. 

 Unique and exclusive precious stones. Only gemstone lovers and collectors understand this. The most expensive specimens are emerald, beryl, tourmaline, and many other types of gems

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