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10 Free Stock Footage Sites

10 Free Stock Footage Sites

 [] 10 Free Stock Footage Sites – You’ll find 10 free video libraries in this article where you may obtain amazing footage to utilize in your social media posts, website, and ad campaigns.

Let’s get started.

 Top 10 Free Stock Footage Sites :

 #1. Pixabay 

 Best For: Anyone looking for great free  videos! 

 Pixabay features over 1.9 million royalty-free videos and photos shared by its generous creator community. 

 The best part? There is no risk of accidentally violating copyright by failing to verify or understand the license of your chosen clip. 

 Indeed, all  their free  videos are published under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means  you don’t need permission to use or edit the clips, or even credit the creator. 

 However, it is still good practice – and good karma – to shout to the creator  whenever possible. Pixabay’s vast selection of 

 free  videos are in MP4 format and usually last less than a minute. You can also download clips in any resolution  for commercial and non-commercial use in digital and print media. 

 In addition, the library contains movies, HD images and 4K videos. 

 There are free  videos for every  occasion or need imaginable – from nature and space to people at events or businesses. 

 #2. Videvo 

 Best for: Those looking for a unique clip and don’t need  4K. 

 Videvo offers free  video images and animations created by the community. 

 The library is huge and contains many HD  videos and a small collection of 4K clips. 

 The quality of the free  video clips on Videvo varies: some are very professional and others are clearly  shot without a tripod. Some clips come in MP4 format and others in QuickTime format. 

 As with many free  video and photo websites, many thumbnails are actually advertisements from other websites that charge for their stock images, such as Shutterstock. 

 Clips downloaded from Videvo  have one of three licenses, and it’s important to understand the differences. 

 Here’s what you can do with each of the three licenses: 

 1.  Royalty Free License 

 This is Videvo’s most common license. This allows you to use the clip for free without crediting the creator. 

 You can place the video anywhere you want, as long as you edit the clip in some way, such as adding music, titles, or your company logo, or including it in the part of a larger project. 

 2.  Videvo Attribution 

 This following license allows you to use the clip for free, but you must  credit  the original author of the clip. 

 For more information on properly citing the author, see Videvo’s licensing guidelines and scroll down to the section labeled “How do I cite the author?” 

 You can do this by adding text to your video or by  writing the author information below the video. 

 Like the royalty-free license, you may not redistribute  clips in their original form on other platforms or services. 

 3. The Creative Commons 3.0 Unported 

 This license is similar to the Videvo Attribution License, but you are also free to redistribute the clip in its original, unedited form. However, you may not  sell the clip in its original form. 

 You must also credit the original author where the clip is used or distributed. 

 Allows you to use the clip for commercial purposes, but make sure that there are no identifiable trademarks, persons, or private property in the clip unless you are authorized to do so. 


  #3. Pexels 

 Best for: A wide selection of free  videos and greenscreen video mockups. 

 Pexels started out as a free stock photo site, but  has since added a large library of free  videos. 

 Their collection of free  video images is under  Creative Commons Zero (CC0). So you can use and edit the videos for free for personal or commercial purposes  and without mentioning the author. 

 Most  videos are less than a minute in length and  have a wide selection of clips in all sorts of niches. 

 Time Lapse Videos are particularly good, and there are plenty of great clips from GoProusers! 

 In addition, Pexels also offers numerous stock videos of “models”. 

 Many of these clips feature green screen mobile devices, as shown in the image below. This allows you to replace the green screen using a technique called chroma keying. 

 The quality of  free stock video varies. 

 While you’ll find a lot of 4K videos on the site, most of the good footage comes as MP4 videos in HD. 

 Like Videvo, Pexels also features video ads from other websites such as Shutterstock. These can usually be found in the sidebar of any video page. 

 As a bonus, Pexels has an excellent library of stock photos.

#4. Videezy 

 Ideal For: Aerial photos and clips featuring nature. 

 Videezy is another free  video website with a wide variety of clips in HD and 4K resolution. Plus, this site is great for aerial drone footage. 

 Again, the quality is variable, but there are plenty of professional clips. 

 All clips on the site are provided in MP4 format and you can check the resolution under each video. 

 While not all  videos on Videezy are free, there is a large selection of free  video clips  for personal and commercial use. It’s also easy to tell the difference, as  premium clips have a green “Pro” label on their thumbnails. 

 When using free  videos from Videezy, you must assign attribution in one of two ways. 

 If you plan to include the clip on TV, YouTube, or any other broadcasting channel,  include “” in the credits. 

 And if you intend to use the clip on your website, you must include the following code on the web page: 

 Roll B  provided by 

 You can also become a Premium Videezy  member to download clips for use without credit . 

  #5. Life of Vids 

 Best For: Businesses looking for free, high-quality videos for marketing purposes. 

 Life of Vids has free  videos, clips and loops. The website is owned and operated by the Canadian marketing agency Leeroy. 

 The site doesn’t have a huge catalog of free  videos, but they are of high quality. See for yourself: 

 All  clips are free to use for personal and commercial purposes provided the source is acknowledged. However, redistribution on other platforms is limited to 10 stock videos. 

 Videos are provided in MP4 format with available HD files. You can download images from collections such as food, nature, people, offices, drones, etc. Moreover, Life of Vids allows you to choose the resolution you prefer. 

 New videos are added regularly and they also have a fantastic selection of stock photos. 

 #6: Coverr 

 Best For: Stunning stock footage for website and video conference backgrounds. 

 With a great selection of great free  videos, Coverr makes it easy to find the perfect movie clip to use in your campaign. 

 In addition, the website simplifies the use of  the available images. Just click on the video you like and embed it on your webpage or movie. No fees, no registration, no citation required. The platform even offers how-to videos and code snippets. 

 While Coverr doesn’t have the number or depth of videos like some of the other sites on our list, the site does have a decent mix of aerial, time-lapse, and cinematic clips for various projects. 

 And, oh yes, Zoom virtual wallpapers. They are perfect to replace your cluttered room with cool virtual  video conferencing wallpapers 

  #7. Splitshire 

 Best For: Free  nature and outdoor videos with a cohesive and unique style. 

 Splitshire is a website created by web designer Daniel Nanescu, who wanted a place to make his  videos and photos available for free for personal and commercial use. 

 The clips on this stock video site have a strong focus  on nature and the outdoors and are very professional. 

 The main advantage of using Splitshire’s free stock video is its unique style and consistency that is hard to find elsewhere. For example, if you were to create a video with multiple Splitshire clips, you would get a unified style. 


 #8. Clipstill 

 Best For: Free Cinemagraphs. 

 Okay, so Clipstill is not a free  video website. Instead, it’s a library of high-quality cinemagraphs. 

 What is a cinemagraph? 

 Good question. A cinemagraph is much like a GIF, but only  parts of the image are animated in a continuous loop. 

 Here’s an example of a woman on a bridge in the snow: 

 Cinemagraphs have a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect, so they’ll make your social media posts stand out. 

 You have to pay for most  cinemagraphs on Clipstill, but the site has a small selection of free cinemagraphs that are updated every month. 

 So make sure to bookmark the site and check back often. 

 All  cinemagraphs are provided in MP4 and are free to use for  commercial or personal use. 

 #9. Dareful 

 Best for: Very high-quality free 4K video footage. 

 Dareful (formerly known as Stock Footage 4 Free) is a site full of free, high-quality 4k  videos that you can use however you want. All images on the site were created by Joel Holland,  creator of the popular Storyblocks image and video platform. 

 Additionally, the site seems to focus on quality over quantity with an incredible collection of high quality landscape clips and looping backgrounds. 

 Categories and the search bar make it easy to find the perfect clip. Categories include Arial, Fireworks, Mountains, Lakes, Beach, Summer and more. 

 You must create an account on Dareful to download clips. You can do this with your email address. You can also register through Facebook to access site resources. Dareful provides a detailed description for each video. 

 However, you must provide your attribution each time you use a stock video from this website, as the clips are licensed under a Creative Commons  (CC 4.0) license. 

  #10. Vidsplay 

 Best for: Creators looking for  free general purpose videos. 

 Vidsplay is another website with a large library of free  videos, with new clips  added every week. 

 The quality of the free stock video footage varies, but there is a lot of professional footage: 

 All video clips on the site are free to use for personal or commercial purposes. 

 Vidsplay, however, requires that “you visibly add a credit link to somewhere on your website, causing the credits to end in your video production or in the description of online media outlets.” 

 Most of the free  videos on the site come in MP4 format. Moreover, you can easily see the details of each stock video, such as resolution, frame rate and duration, below the preview clip. 

 You also don’t need to create an account to download clips from the site. 

 The site can be confusing because Vidsplay mixes the ads with the thumbnails of their video clips. So make sure  you don’t accidentally click on other websites.

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