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10 Creative Ways to Make Money with Blender | 10 Creative Ways to Make Money with Blender – ????Welcome to Cyber Monday Sales guys! All my game art courses are 50% off!

Digital Artist’s Passive Income Guide Series:

So let me guess: your low poly weapons pack didn’t make you an overnight millionaire. Surprise.

So, is all hope lost? Should you give up? I’d say no. Blender has infinite potential. And as with all similar tools, when the obvious ways to make money are no longer available, you just need to employ a little bit more creativity.

This is why I came up with 10 different ideas for making money with Blender, which are just weird enough to make them viable. Trust me, each idea is crazier than the next, so you really want to check out the last few ideas.

And who knows, maybe that idea will make you a very rich person. Or, at least, bring back in some of the money you throw left and right for Blender add-ons. Ready? Here we go.

Video Edited by Nicolo Bacialli
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