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10 Best Platforms to Create Free Blog



[] Best Platforms to Create Free Blog – Are you looking for the best websites to create a blog for free? Well, we have listed the top platforms to create a free blog in 2021 in this article.

Sometimes before starting a blog, people are often confused with the platform they should use to blog. There are many options available.

Blogs can be categorized into various types, such as Personal, Business, Professional, Niche, Reverse, Affiliate, Media, and Freelance. There are many free blogging platforms and each one is unique in its own way.

One must choose the platforms carefully before creating an account and start writing the blogs.

In this post, we bring you the best websites to create a free blog.

Best Platforms to Create Free Blog

01. WordPress

One of the most popular sites for bloggers and web designers across the world is WordPress because of its unique features and flexibility. There are more than 76 million blogs in WordPress.

WordPress is completely modifiable and controllable by the user. You have access to tons of plugins that help to enhance the site design and functions.

Now, if you are starting a new site and don’t have much knowledge about WordPress; you need to understand there are 2 different WordPress that you will find when you make a search.

The first one is where you can start a blog for free and the other options are WordPress.Org where you can download the software and use your custom domain and hosting.

Create a Free Blog on WordPress

The second option is to create a completely free blog on the WordPress platform. Now, you need to remember that the option to create a free blog on WordPress is on the extension. and the self-hosted option that we discussed above is in WordPress.Org extension.

You can create a completely free blog on the WordPress platform. However, you will not be able to use your own domain name in the free blog options, you will have to use the subdomain with the main domain attached to it.

02. Site123

Site123 is one of the best platforms to create a free website. And if you wish to grow your website and go for the premium plan, they have some really affordable plans with amazing features.

This is a newbie-friendly platform to create a website. You don’t have to be an expert to create your first website on Site123. Your site will be ready in just 3 simple steps.

You can choose your website type in the first step and proceed. As we are talking about a blog in this article, select a blog and proceed.

Site123 comes with easy to use drag and drop website builder so that you can create a professional-looking website for your business without any coding. It is a lot easier on Site123 to create a website than any other traditional website builder.

Another advantage of using Site123 is that it comes with some great-looking modern website templates to create your website without any technical knowledge.

Other than a simple website, you can use the Site123 website builder to create a comprehensive eCommerce site with all important features.

03. Blogger

For a quick and simple Blog, the Google-owned Blogger is the best in the market. Blogger is user-friendly, and one can understand the setup within minutes. However, this site is for only beginners and hobby bloggers who just want to write content to document their thoughts.

Though you can create a professional blog using Blogger, the customization possibilities are limited as compared to other popular blogging platforms like WordPress.

You can easily monetize your blog created on Blogger by using AdSense. However, you don’t own the site hosted on Blogger, Google will have the right on your site and they can shut down your site or the entire platform if they do not want to continue for any reason.

04. Ghost

This is an open-source platform where one can find advanced-level bloggers. It is just like WordPress, where bloggers can have complete control over the look of the website.

However, some features like split-screen, multiple users, and others make Ghost different from the others and more advanced.

Unlike many other platforms that offer the option to create a blog and all different types of websites, Ghost is focused on blogging and publishing content.

Like WordPress, Ghost is also an open-source platform that means you can use their platform for free to create your blog. They also offer premium plans that you can use if you wish to have more control and better features.

There are a number of well-known businesses that are already using Ghost for their blogs. They offer built-in SEO options, Google AMP support and all the features that you may need to create a quality blog.

05. Tumblr 

 This blogging site is late to enter the arena with its unique features and approach that focuses on microblogging. With this feature, Tumblr has traction through short  blogs and animated GIFs. On this site, we will post a short summary instead of a 2000 word blog. 

 If you are planning to create a  blog related to photography or  other blogs such as food, lifestyle, entertainment, Tumblr can be a good choice. 

 06. Medium 

 One of the best features of this blogging site is that users can join communities that share blogs about specific genres. Medium helps users  share their thoughts with people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a full-time blogger to share your thoughts or voice through Medium. 

 Here you can create an account and share your  passionate thoughts. Also, after joining the community, you can read other blogs to increase your thinking and understanding on a topic. 

 Unlike the  blogging platforms mentioned in this article; Medium is a community-focused platform where you can create an account and start writing. If you are proficient in any topic and  able to create high quality engaging content, you will get an audience ready  for your content. 

 While there are advantages to using Medium, there are also disadvantages. You can’t design your blog on the Medium platform like other platforms, there are almost no customization possibilities. 

 Also, monetization is another issue with Medium. If you want to create your blog and make money, Medium is probably not the platform for you. 

 However, if you are passionate about writing and you have stories to say, Medium can do wonder for you. You can create your authority as a content writer on this platform. 

 Another advantage is that you can share your content that is already published on your blog on Medium. It is  SEO safe, so you can share the best content you post on your blog with your audience in the media. 

 Free medium for blogging. You can sign up and start creating your best content. But you need to understand that you will have limited control over your content, unlike a self-hosted WordPress site. 


 07. Weebly 

 If users are new to blogging and new to web design, then Weebly is the perfect platform for them. There are various features in Weebly that help drag and drop new items into the theme. 

 The coding and compilation of the website is done automatically  in the background so that the user can concentrate on  writing and serving the website. 

 Moreover, users can create professional looking websites that will help them  rank their blog on Google or other search engines. One of the best features of Weebly is that users can download the site code so  they can keep the formatting if they move to another platform. 

 08. Wix 

 Just like Weebly, in Wix also, the users are not required to have knowledge about website designing and HTML coding. With the available userfriendly features, people can make changes in the look of the websites. 

 Also, this is one of the best platforms to start a business blog. There are many tools that Wix offers to help grow your business. Recently, Wix has become one of the most preferred blogging platforms thanks to its impressive results with simple and intuitive tools. 

 09. Squarespace 

 Through this platform, users can create stylish and attractive websites without spending a  penny. If users want to focus on the look and layout of the website as well, Squarespace is a great choice for them. 

 Just like most blogging platforms, for Squarespace,  users are not required to know the website design. One of Squarespace’s unique features  is the Cover Page which allows bloggers to create scrolling layouts. 

 Every Squarespace template  is responsive, which means, whether on desktop or mobile, the blog will appear correctly. This helps improve search rankings and attract customers. 

 10 Jimdo 

 Jimdo has been around for years and offers a free website builder option. You can use this platform to start your  blog in  minutes. 

 It is a freemium platform which means you will have a premium plan to choose from along with the free version. You can use this platform to create your business website or even an online store. 

 As we talked about the best platforms to create a free blog, you can use Jimdo to create your blog, but you should know that the free version doesn’t allow you to use a custom domain. This means you  have to choose their domain extension. 

 Your site will have a domain name in this format ( and you will have 500MB of storage space. 

 This is a pretty good choice for hobby bloggers  who want to post some poetry or start an online journal to write daily stories. 

 However, I would not suggest you  use the free Jimdo option if you want to make money through your blog.

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