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10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online

10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online

[]  10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online – As more and more business go online, selling photos online may be a successful side business. Here are the top ten websites where you can sell your photos and earn money.

 10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online 

 With this site, you will make money every time you sell images through  stock photo sites. Once you’ve uploaded your photos to several photo websites and sold them, you’ll be making money fast. You can make money from home and passively make money selling your photos. 

1. Your Website 

 If you are looking for a platform to sell your photos online, your  website is the best choice. 

 Why? That’s because: 

  •  You can determine how much money you ask for. 
  •  You get the full 100% sale price instead of the 2050% you get on other platforms. 
  •  The photos on your website are presented as you wish. 

 2. Etsy 

 If you want to sell your photos online, Etsy is the perfect platform for that. It’s easy to set up your  shop to start selling your photos quickly. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this platform is for you! 

 Etsy has a large audience, and many people browsing Etsy are ready to buy. You can sell your digital images, but also items like printed matter. 

 Commissions on Etsy are very lucrative. They take 5% of the transaction price, plus $0.25 + 3% if you decide to accept online payments through the Etsy platform as well. 

 Etsy is no ordinary stock photography site selling stock images. With Etsy, people come for unique photos. It may take extra effort to market your Etsy store. With a relatively small profit cut, it might be worth it. 

 3. Adobe Stock 

 Adobe Stock is a trendy place to sell your photos online because you can sell them for free. You’re not selling the rights to your photos, which means  you can also sell them on other platforms. 

 Adobe Stock is a great platform that helps you reach millions of potential customers. You can earn up to 33% commission on the photos you sell. 

If you already use  Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Bridge photo editing software, you can upload your images or videos directly to the Adobe Stock platform. 

 4. Getty Images 

 Getty Images is a stock photography website  hosting more exclusive content. Brands love to get their stock photos from Getty Images. The platform has more than 1.5 million subscribers, which means a lot of potential customers to sell your photos. 

 If you want to be a contributor to this platform, your photography skills must be above average. You can earn 20% and up to 40% commission on the images you sell. 

 5. IStock Photo 

 iStock Photo is  part of Getty Images, where you can upload your photos and sell them to the public. Their commissions range from 15% to 45%, depending on how many images you sell. 

 If you sell your photos exclusively on the iStock Photo platform, you get a 25% to 45% higher rating.

6. Alamy 

 Alamy is one of the largest stock photo platforms. The platform has more than 200 million images from 60,000 contributors. With over 110,000 buyers, the chances of selling your photos are high. 

 If you register with Alamy, you will get 50% of the sale when you sell your photos only on their platform. When your photos are not exclusively from Alamy, you get 40% of the sale. 

 7. Dreamstime 

 With Dreamstime, you as a photographer get 2550% of your income. With more than 20 million unique monthly visitors  to their website, many potential customers want to buy from you. 

 Also, you still own the copyright of the photo. When you have earned $100 on the platform, you receive your money directly into your bank account. 

 If you decide to sell  the exclusive rights to your photos to Dreamstime, which means you don’t share your photos on other platforms, you get a 5% bonus on your commission. 

 8. 123RF 

 123RF has more than 5 million buyers on its platform, making it a reliable platform to sell your photos. With their 3060% commission, you can make a lot of money. Plus, their content isn’t exclusive, which means you can still sell your photos on other websites. 

 9. Depositphotos 

 Depositphotos is a global marketplace where you can sell your photos to people in over 200 countries. The platform has more than 150 million images from 100,000 contributors. International companies such as TripAdvisor, Forbes and Warner Bros. they use their archived photos. 

 As a contributor, your payout depends on the reviews on the platform and your experience. You earn between 34% and 42% commission. 

10. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a well-known and popular website that has paid out over $1 billion to photographers. You get 20-30% of the commission as a site contributor.

You retain ownership of the photo as the photographer, and your name will appear alongside the images you sell. If you want to get your name out there as a photographer, this is an excellent place to start.

Shutterstock also has an affiliate program that you can utilize to refer friends and family to. When they sign up and upload images, you will be paid when they begin selling.

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