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10 Best Movies All Time

10 Best Movies All Time

[] Top 10 Best Movies All Time – Film is a work of visual art used to communicate a story, idea, or artistic beauty through the use of moving images accompanied by sound. This list includes the best films of all time, which can include award winners, critic favorites, box office hits, pop culture phenomena, and historically significant classics. 

10 Best Movies All Time :

 1 Forrest Gump 

 Damn I love this movie. I was late to the party and first saw it  in September  2019! I’m not  a film critic, but this is one of my favorite films I’ve seen. I never understood the world-famous hype before watching it, and now… I chose it on this list just like everyone else! Truly a masterpiece. 

 Forrest Gump is currently the most popular movie in the top ten and totally deserves it. It’s a fun historical journey into the 60’s, very fun, very touching and the  Forrest Gump character is one of my favorite characters in fiction. I’m planning on making a list of my favorite movies in the near future, and Forrest Gump has a fair chance of being on that list. 

 It really has everything that makes a good movie  and brings all these great elements together in the best possible way. 

 Side story: I remember the first time I saw it, my dad thought I would like it and I was doing something else at the time, so I thought “I thought for about ten minutes”. Then minutes of kindofwatching turned into fifteen minutes of seriously watching and the power went out and I was furious. Then the power came back on half an hourish later and I was really happy, then we watched the rest of it. I really fell in love with it without even planning to. 

 But yeah just it`s an incredible movie. Forrest is so interesting in that his IQ isn`t that high but he`s actually a lot wiser than most of the characters in the movie, in my opinion.

2 The Godfather 

 When I try to classify something in terms of sports, movies, etc… I usually have personal prejudices and other people’s opinions. Usually, something that ranks highly on this type of list is very popular, iconic, influential, and loved. They are also widely accepted as the best like  Michael Jordan in basketball. I think The Godfather is the best movie ever. This film was influential in  many ways, changing the whole way people view the way film is made. Plus, there are so many iconic lines in that movie. There’s a 90% chance you’ve heard someone say, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Also, almost everyone  has heard of this film and most people love it, be it from the general public or film critics. The film itself is very good. This film has one of the greatest directors (Coppola) directing it and probably the best cast (Brando, Duvall, Pacino, etc.) I don’t want to get too deep into this topic, … plus 

 I  love this movie. A film that has one of the best cast ever  with great people like Brando, Pacino and Duvall. It’s hard to hate this movie, the show is amazing, catches your eye, very well planned, also cool, and  made by a great director like Francis Ford Coppola. It was also  a very influential film. I don’t know if anyone will watch it… but here are my personal top ten (if you’re curious): 

 3 The Dark Knight 

 The best comic book film ever made. Ledger is very handsome as the psycho Joker. Bale offers a great Batman and the best Bruce Wayne. His Batman would be the best if it weren’t for his voice, though I enjoyed listening to it. It’s just that I never imagined Batman talking like that. This easily beats every comic book movie ever made, except maybe Batman 3 which is currently in the works. Just my simple opinion. 

 The best performance and mastery of Heath Ledger  by  esteemed director Christopher Nolan results in what I believe to be the greatest film of all time. If this isn’t, then Forrest Gump should be. This film is filled with more than just raw action. It has deep meaning, symbolism, and strong dialogue related to a story that  keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat and makes you beg for more when it’s all  over. Personally, I love the dialogue between Alfred and almost everyone he talks to, because he is filled with so much wisdom and insight with answers to everything. Apart from that, the Joker’s dark vision of chaos and Batman’s opposition to that view is also very interesting. The entire plot of this film goes much deeper than epic fights, gadgets and action, it also teaches us all a lesson, but you have to watch the film for yourself to understand what it is all about. 

 4 The Shawshank Redemption 

 No love interest, no car chases, no big battles, no scenic views of the country, but the best story you’ll ever find in a movie, a beautiful story with lots of things to refresh and warm you up. It has only one problem, you can only see it the first time. 

 I don’t even see where the doubts come from. Everything is so smart, it’s really amazing. A cinematic masterpiece if it ever existed, I think this film is nearly perfect. Justice is served and a demonstration of how being kind and caring makes you grow in people, as Andy does with everyone in this film. Not only the shocking storyline holds many surprises for you,  leading to the ending that finally comes together, showing  the intelligence of the protagonist, but also one of the  greatest friendship stories, between Andy and Red in particular, but all the men together they become like a family. No one will ever be able to overcome this. 

 Yes, this is the film that all other films aspire to in terms of dark drama and stories of redemption or salvation. While the other films on this list may have had better dialogue, direction, and editing, the heart and soul of this film makes you feel the blood, sweat, and tears that the characters in this film go through as they go through life.

5 Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 

 Sorry, number 5? No no no no… this film is number one, hands down a few thousand miles. All Star Wars movies are crazy (ok, maybe not a Skywalker revival, but someone else), this movie is the best of Star Wars and Star Wars is the best of all movies. Anyone trying to make a better film than this doesn’t have to think things through properly, because it’s physically impossible. The best movie of all time, for sure! 

  Empire Strikes Back is one of my favorite Star Wars movies. The plot is very interesting and the moment “I am your father” becomes iconic. The soundtrack for the film is by far the best, with songs like Imperial March and Yoda’s Theme and Han Solo and the Princess. The animation is amazing because it was made in 1980. 1980! And it’s still popular today, proving that iconic movies never die. 

 One of the best movies of all time deserves to be number 5. Everything works, story,  characters,  comedy, shocking effects still great, soundtrack iconic… easily my favorite of the series, and my favorite film of all time, after the Inception and  Lord of the Rings trilogy (I consider it  one.) 

 6 Pulp Fiction 

 One of my best and one of my favourites. There’s plenty of violence and some shocking moments, all of which are  replaced by hilarious dialogue. The funny dialogues and the unique way  the story is presented are other reasons why I  love this film so much. Definitely one of my favourites. 

 1994, was a fantastic year for fiction, and  along with Shawshank and Forrest Gump are some of the reasons. That  said, Pulp Fiction was my least favorite of the 1994 main trio. I left because the other two were masterpieces, but mostly because it was one of those films, which wasn’t for me. The pace allowed us to have more stories,  which had no connection between them, which wasn’t bad, but it made it less fun for me. Still very good.

7 Back to the Future 

 I love back to the future. It was such a great movie trilogy. I recently just finished watching all of them and I`d have to say the third one is probably the best in my opinion. 

 A very iconic film. Very cool and fun, and great special effects. I have scenes from many ’80s movies and this one has some of the best special effects of its time. 

 I loved this movie to death. I’ve seen it at least 50 times and it’s really cool. I actually smiled to death when Marty’s dad finally defended Biff. Sure, the Titanic is great. But I hope Starman is in  place, this is an amazing science fiction novel, watch it before you die. Overall, the film is very good. It makes your heart pound, and even after watching it  many times you are captivated at the epic ending. I fell in love with this film. 

 8 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 

 The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the number 1 film set that I can always  watch without getting bored. So many scenes that still give me goosebumps and nostalgia more than 10 years after watching the first one. The Return of the King is the undeniably greatest LoTR film, combining an amazing soundtrack with stunning footage and footage. Tolkien was a genius for writing these books and Peter Jackson’s direction was outstanding. The soundtrack, the cast, the director, the camera, everything about this film still leaves me in disbelief, maybe not the best film, but my favourite. And I feel  safe to say that I’m not the only one who thinks that way. 

 I have seen many famous movies, but none of them gave me goosebumps except this one. It’s not some kind of ordinary fantasy film, but a great work of art like IIas. 

 best movies of all time. Perfectly culminates in the film trilogy, epic action, high stakes, lots of emotional moments. I probably cried  three times during this film, and I usually don’t cry during the film. 

9 Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope 

 How do you know if a modern Star Wars movie is better than the old one? Mind you, they rarely use CGI and the people who worked on Star Wars to make it big as quickly as possible. He also launched the careers of legends such as Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. Don’t forget that the films in the original trilogy contain the most famous and most recognizable soundtracks ever. The acting is better in the old films and I think people prefer the new films mainly because other people criticize the new films and they like the action more. I  appreciate the prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy, but I think about all the factors. If you  think about all the factors, old movies are “better” than  newer ones. 

 Star Wars rose to fame with this iconic film. While it may not be the best in the Saga, it  is definitely the most memorable, being the first  Star Wars film ever made. From Luke finding out who he is, to meeting all the fantastic characters and blowing up the Death Star, this movie still drives me crazy, after 24 years! 

 I’ve done a review of this film, and my comment with the most likes right now is about this film, but I’ll say it again! This film is a great introduction to this wonderful story and is simple in its effectiveness. 

 10 The Lion King 

 The Lion King shows us that Disney will never get old, it was such an amazing film that it brought so much money to the box office. I know a lot of people who love this movie I know teenagers who have been waiting in line to see it in 3D Disney is driving me crazy and this movie really inspires a lot of people although some people say it’s a Disney movie with animals that gives you a lot of inspiration. So, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you to watch this.

 The Lion King is a Disney animated film, so you probably won’t miss calling it “the greatest movie ever.” But if you really think about the plot, it’s an amazing story with a lot of deep meaning and life lessons behind it. You have to consider it one of the most outstanding films of all time, and it can definitely be compared to a great movie theater.

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