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10 Best Free VPN in 2021


 [] 10 Best Free VPN in 2021 – A VPN is a virtual private network that allows the use of inaccessible content worldwide. VPN is used to  hide the physical location, IP address of the device while  online through encrypted traffic. 

 Transfers your search data directly to the VPN provider’s servers by establishing a secure connection to the Internet through an encrypted virtual tunnel. 

 VPN bypasses ISP (Internet Service Provider Server) servers which you may not monitor while online. 

 VPN is not illegal, used in most democracies, including the US, India and Europe, but the country you live in has some specific rules that may prohibit VPNs, Read more about What is a VPN and why you should use a VPN. 

 VPN can’t be  used on PC or computer, you can use it on phones, phones and tablets. VPN provides encryption. Encryption is a process in which user data is encrypted in a certain way which cannot be read. 

 All  user data is encrypted in a secret code process called encryption, and there is a rule (key) that resets it via decryption. 

 Basically,  free VPN even for a fee, the free VPN version also works the same way and works for a fee. In the free VPN version, you may see ads. Free VPNs also block ads on websites and apps. 

10 Best Free VPN in 2021 :

 1.ProtonVPN free 

 ProtonVPN free VPN is the  best community in the world that supports secure VPN service worldwide . covers 55 countries, 1,246 servers, and has a capacity of 1,458 Gbps. 

 When ProtonVPN Free enters this field to fight for online security and privacy, they maintain and track a lot of records, whether it’s breaking government regulations, educating and studying people, or training journalists. 

 They promised to stay on the front lines. and they care deeply  about the future of the internet and have created a VPN. ProtonVPN shows transparency and you know who is managing the service. 

 ProtonVPN is honest, they put security first, they don’t use insecure protocols and levels of encryption. ProtonVPN also runs the world’s largest secure email service.  provide support to the community, including its free users. 


 No strict logging policy. 

 There is no strict logging policy. 

 30 day money back guarantee. 

 Access websites that may be blocked in your country. 




 Express VPN application is one of the best VPN that is safe and secure. Express VPN offers an excellent 30 day free VPN trial plan. 

 Express VPN is the world’s most trusted VPN leader. provides the world’s most Bestinclass encryption services and the most TrustedServer technology. 

 Also includes private DNS on each server and maximum connection speed. ExpressVPN uses splittunnel technology and offers unlimited streaming and you can hide your IP address. 


 VPN locations 160 

 VPN speed test  

 Unblock websites 

 Network lock disconnect switch and separate tunnel technology 


 3.Hotspot Shield Free VPN 


 Hotspot Shield Free VPN is easy to use and provides  free VPN service that come to you  in no time. this is a great VPN for streaming, gaming and browsing. 

 Offers instant superfast Internet access to apps, games and streaming. It is the best free VPN provider thanks to the patented Hydra protocol that offers unrivaled speed and performance,  ensuring fast and uninterrupted streaming and gaming without buffering. 


 Super fast Internet access. 

 Subscription free / paid. 

 Protected by Hydra protocol. 

 Absolutely free forever – no credit card needed 


 4.Windscribe VPN 


 Windscribe Free VPN super secure with large data caps. new and innovative 2-in-1 privacy solution. Windscribe lets you browse  the Internet privately. 

 Encrypt user data, block ads, stop tracking and unblock geo-blocked content which is the best feature of this VPN. 

 Supported on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux 

 Server country: 11 

 Data limit: 210 GB per month 

 24/7 Live Chat Support: No 


 New and innovative ad blocking, tracking technology. 

 Prevents tracking and allows private browsing. 

 Allows blocking of geo-restricted content. 

 Provides beyond basic VPN protection. 

 Give your browsing history to your grave. 

5.TunnelBear Free VPN 


 Free TunnelBear  VPN is the safest and most secure VPN. the company says it spent more than 65 hours researching 53 VPN services. 

 TunnelBear is the most transparent and reliable provider offering fast and secure connection and simple configuration. for trial and free use  only allow 500MB per month. the premium plan is the best. 

 The best thing you will notice is that this free VPN app is clean and simple. Exceptional security guarantees that are truly user-friendly. TunnelBear encrypts data in and out of your device. It makes it  invisible to internet service providers, hackers. 

 Number of Servers: 1,000 

 Server Locations: 20+ 

 500MB Safe Browsing trial plan. 


 500MB  secure browsing. 

 Encrypt data in and out of your device. 

 Network owners or even hackers trying to snoop on your online activities are invisible. 

 Fast and secure connection. 




 Speedify is a super secure speed VPN. It offers services in more than 50 countries with 1000 servers. You can observe the fully encrypted security system. 

 Speedify offers multiple connections to increase the speed that allows WiFi and 4G data connections when  using a mobile device. Speedify offers 10 GB of free data access every month. 

 Number of servers: 1000+ 

 Server locations: 50+ 

 Maximum number of supported devices: 1 

 Data limit: 10GB per month 


 10GB free data access. 

 Easy to use. 

 Super fast safe speed. 

 Available in more than 50 countries. VPN offers the best secure browsing, censorship bypass, and  encrypted connection. It offers both paid and free VPN plans. 

 Block ads, protect against tracking and provide advanced security features and bypass restrictions and enjoy Internet for free. 

 Supported on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS 


 Provides global IPTV and  IPTV support. 

 Advance is safe and secure  to use. 

 Using a separate tunnel. 

 Internet access via uncensored DNS. 


 8.Avast SecureLine VPN 


 Avast SecureLine VPN is the best and most reliable VPN that encrypts your Internet for your true online privacy 

 Avast SecureLine prevents you from being hacked on public WiFi and  stops  tracking  your work online. 

 It also helps you  access your favorite content  in any country you are in with Avast Avast SecureLine offers true privacy and hides your internet activity from  internet service providers (ISPs), hackers, employers and many others and Connect securely from the Internet . 

  also broadcasts safely and securely to Smart TVs and Android TVs. Protects wherever you connect, even on unsecured public Wi-Fi. It also offers a free VPN service. 


 Privacy for your big screen streaming 

 Unlimited bandwidth 

 Enjoy fast and smooth browsing 

 Access to multiple devices  


 9.Avira Phantom VPN 


 Avira Phantom VPN offers comprehensive security and privacy. Using this, you can  easily access profitable websites. 

 Can easily mask your online activities and physical location, enable access to block websites. It works with end-to-end encrypted technology and bypasses  firewalls and sensors supporting access to multiple devices  and money-saving plans. 


 Save money 

 Connect multiple devices 

 Increase Internet traffic 

 Protect your social sites, music and privacy 


 10. Kaspersky vpn


 Kaspersky VPN technology creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and  Kaspersky Internet servers so that No one can  read your online activities, including  chats, passwords, emails and even bank account details while using the Internet from any source. 

 It also provides access to streaming services such as Netflix, to stream new shows and movies that are premiering in overseas territories. 


 Free / Paid Plans 

 Connects to Multiple Devices 

 Provides Entry to Blocking Sites 

 Makes Your Internet Private and Secure

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